Sipoonkorpi - Trekking

What is it?

Sipoonkorpi is a large national park to the east of Helsinki. It feels different to many a Finnish forest as instead of endless, and sometimes monotonous, trees it has a continuously changing landscape of woods, giant boulders, farmland, cliffs, and peaks.  

Where is it?

To the east of Helsinki between e75 and e18. The main entrance to the trekking routes are near the villages of Sotunki/Nygârd in the west and Helgtrask in the east.

When to go.

This is Finland so although you can go to the park all year, take warm clothing from October to May and expect snow in the winter months. There are beautiful and maintained ski tracks in the west side of the park.

Why go?

Firstly, because it’s so much fun. There are ups and downs and cliffs and caves, summits, duckboards, steep climbs, beautiful houses, thick forest, ancient forest, great views, laavus and mysterious old remains.

Secondly, because in comparison to Nuksio, it’s relatively peaceful yet is equally easy to get to.

Thirdly, it seems to be full of things to pick. Near the laavu we saw dozens of people with baskets and buckets full of fungi.


There is a lovely route that walks a loop in the south-west of the park. There are signposts and the trees are marked regularly with green and white ribbons/plaques.

Green and white plaques and ribbons mark the route

A more challenging option is to start from Bakunkarr and walk across the park eventually joining the above route.

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GPS for both routes are available at this link The main ski route starts in the North of the park, depending on conditions.

There are maps available with the trekking routes and ski-routes clearly marked.

This map is excellent. Link here


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